Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dark of the Moon Megatron and The Ark Toys!

02.12.2011 - Just as previous sneak peek of upcoming toyds from Dark of the Moon.

We got everything confirmed on what would Megatron would appear in this third film. Evidently the Decepticon Leader Class toy would be a Military tanker truck.

From a Cybteronian ship in the first film and he was a flying alien tank.

Now we see him as a cloaked figure that turns into a Military tanker truck ready to slag some puny Autobots and exacting his revenge on Optimus Prime.

Jump after the cut...

Certainly this New Voyager Class figure will surely make you wonder what he will do next in Dark of the Moon.

This might be more interesting than meets the eye as everything is getting clear unlike what we see in the other forums and sites. Megatron's official revelation that he is indeed getting a third form for the movie has been confirmed.

Another big reveal is the appearance of The Ark, which was previously reported when the very first teaser came out last year.

Interesting enough the ship itself can be seen in the first few scenes of the trailer where the Astronauts found them. Hasbro has also confimed its official image of the toy form and we can't wait to find out when this hits the stores in May 16, 2011.

Everything is cooking up to be rhe biggest film and we only seen the surface of the third Transformers film that is Dark of the Moon!

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