Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leader Class Sentinel Prime is revealed!

02.12.2011 - The red Rosenbaurer Panther airline fire truck we reported from yesterday has an official toy photo released by Hasbro. Looks like Sentinel Prime is definitely gonna be one metal pounding Autobot in toy form. Looks better than his Transformers Animated counterpart.

The better looking Sentinel Prime from Transformers Dark of the Moon film is something to look forward for its release. Specially being revealed also in the first movie trailer in the moon is actually Sentinel Prime, which would be a Leader Class toy.

Jump after the cut...

No mistake that the robot we see is in the moon is NOT Alpha Trion like anyone, who would only hype it up.

After Michael Bay confirmed the alternate mode would be the Rosenbaurer Panther airline fire truck and we have finally share you the image here...

Clearly Dark of the Moon is gonna be Michael Bay's last Transformers film, and he's pulling all the stops and Hasbro is churning up more characters specially at the Toy Fair 2011 happening in New York right now.

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