Saturday, November 20, 2010

TF Dark of the Moon Toys Official Release Date-- May 16, 2011!

11.20.2010 - Transformers Dark of the Moon toys won't be out until May 16, 2011. We appreciate It Is Him for sharing the details on the upcoming assortment.

Pretty much we'll be seeing these on the said street date a few weeks ahead of the movie.

Interesting enough that the Reveal the Shield toyline is out, and this insert was found similar to the Voyager Class Deep Dive a repaint of Sea Spray.

The new catalog insert shows the image of Optimus Prime with the said release date.

Its obvious that the in-line release is similar what Hasbro has done with the previous two films.
Jump after the cut for further details...

Dark of the Moon is set for a July 1, 2011 release date, and plenty of time for you to pick up the new assortments once it gets out. Surely the local distributor (namely Playkit) here in the Philippine will held launching of these toys prior to its regular release in all retail shops.

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