Monday, November 22, 2010

US McDonald's Happy Meal: TransFormers

11.22.2010 - Mcdonald's in the US next Happy Meal. toy featured will be based from the live action movie. It's another of these toys we won't see the light of the day here in the Philippines. Though the last Happy Meal that featured Transformers, where last February that has The Animated four characters for you to collect.

This assortment looks exciting with Optimus Prime as the favorite featuring the light up features.
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Bumblebee on the hand has missile firing action and Ironhide has the action feature showing off his two arm mounted blasters.

The other characters also have features such with Starscream with flying disc launchers. Megatron with missile firing action feature similar to Bumblebee, and Blackout with rotor spinning action.

All of these will be available soon in the US after the Megamind toys, which was quite a sold out in the US as well as all over Asia. Though with slight difference in both region. Hopefully we could see these figures too, but if not probably selected countrues in Asia.

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