Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Toy Review: TF Generations Autobot Drift!

Drift is an awesome figure from the Generation toyline. Read the full review after the cut...

Name: Drift
Allegiance: Autobot
Accessories: Long Sword, Two(2) short swords

"Hiyaaaa!" First thing I've said when i knew that TF Generations Deluxe Drift will soon be available.Having it's own Spotlight in IDW's "All Hail Megatron comic series and it's good thing Hasbro decided to come up with the deluxe version.First ever.Having a ninja skills,and I think you'll appreciate his character too.
A bot ninja that transform into a sports car.

Alt Mode

It was based on Nissan Silvia S15.With the white color(which kind'a bland), it's really fits.Notice the deco? in Japanese kanji it means "samurai" which again fits his character.

In the AHM, Drift alt mode was still cybertronian and I think it's good idea of not using it and decided to use earth alt mode.Good one.

Robot Mode

A come to life character, since it's debut in AHM.But still has that ninja look (in
white). Articulated arms, well good. Kibby shoulders, thick legs, hanging doors from it's hips...bulky. But well appreciated how the two small swords are placed or in both doors.

Nicely done in this mode.

When transforming back to it's alt mode, a lot of snapping sound specially on the hood part and doors.So you do be careful on that or you might the connection part.

In doing posing, I think the only thing that annoys me is the shoulder. Besides from being unwidely, it's kinda awkward.

Over all 8 out 10. Well deserved toy.

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