Monday, November 15, 2010

The Black Shadow Mystery Unveiled!

11.15.2010 - Thanks to our fellow Transfans at we happen to be surprised with the revelation from Hasbro that they will be releasing a Black Shadow figure

This is based from the original Japanese Generation One Transformers Victory anime.

Black Shadow is a Mega Pretender exclusively released in Japan by Takara in the 1990s.
Jump after the cut for further details...

It was a retooled figure based from the Thunderwing figure. Now Hasbro are doing it this time with the figure based from Deluxe Class Generations Thunderwing, that will be out sometime in 2011.

As revealed by tfw2005 user G1_Cindesaur this figure is going to be awesome. Getting a modern update. This repaint/retool habit Hasbro is doing similar to what ROTF Lockdown to getting an Axor treatment was cool already.

But with the Black Shadow revelation is a whole new level now, that came out with the Thunderwing instructions manual.

This kinda neat to have Hasbro give a fitting tirbute to a character that did not appear in the US market.

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