Friday, November 12, 2010

Amazon Japan's Masterpiece MP-1L Convoy Final Edition!

11.12.2010 - The first Master Piece Convoy came out in the fall of 2003 designated as MP-01 by then Takara before merging with Tomy in 2005.

For seven years we have seen numerous interation of this well known action figure. Most notably in 2006 when it released the MP-04 that included a Roller-less trailer.
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Though prior to the MP-04 we get to see a third party company releasing its own trailer. But that's a different story to tell regarding its quality versus the actual product.
With the MP-01 there where several versions like the Lucky Draw Edition bath in Gold, and then there's the US release. Most we hear is the negative aspect fo the figure namely the uneven chest door and a leg falling off upon removal from its box packaging.

Lately there was a black version that came out, and then Amazon Japan recently posted a pre-order listing, which is a TakaraTomy product, the Master Piece MP-1L Convoy.

So what's the difference with this upcoming convoy edition within the Master Piece series?

Basically the difference aren't striking if you didn't look close enough. Though not similar in colors with the US Edition, that came out in 2005 with a base stand. Its hard to tell from its first looks, but it appears they are following a cartoon colors theme with the classic red, silver and blue.

The similar base stand that came with the US Edition in 2005 has loaded with lines from the original cartoon dubbed in Japanese, voiced by Genda Tessho.

This should be interesting to see upclose with the colors compared to the bland release from the US.

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