Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome To Transformers 2010!

01.01.2010 - Transformers 2010 was the 3rd season of the US series. This was 5 years after the original Transformers The Movie of 1986.

Now in reality we finally have come full circle with this year.
Jump after the cut for further details...

So what bodes this for year unlike any for Transformers Philippines? Basically major changes as we would like to deliver the news through our group forum, but as the ever changing social medium most people would like to communicate and express themselves through other platforms like facebook and twitter.

We've been around since June 2002, and locally as true passionate fans we would like to bring you the news through our blog. There will be a lof of stuff to be featured that was not seen in our forums.

Starting this month we would like to preview each characters from the Transformers 2010 series via our toy reviews.

Mostly one character a Friday each month to give you the lowdown on the the featured Transformer for us to dissect and hopely entertainm and educate you. Let's rock and roll out now botfans as 2010 is upon us!

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