Saturday, January 2, 2010

Transformers Animated: Lockdown!

01.02.2010 – There’s nothing more intriguing than a Decepticon like Lockdown. But downright to be honest he doesn’t consider himself part of the Decepticon but a paid mercenary. If haven’t seen Transformers Animated that was aired on Cartoon Network we highly suggest YOU MUST.

Lockdown is relatively new and an all-new character who made his appearance in Transformers Animated. He’s a recurring character in the series and starting to grown some fans, who has followed the series all the way to the beginning. What’s makes an interesting character Lockdown was his personality and Derrick Wyatt has revealed he’s not just your usual bounty hunter.dliness.

The character takes inspiration to DC Comics’ very own bounty hunter if you ever heard of Lobo you’ll probably be stroking your bearded chin to an agreement. But he’s really a robot version of Lobo if you looked at the tattoos on his face and the position of the hook on his right arm.

In the series he’s the perfect foil to Ratchet who has a connection in the past. Imagine stealing his EMP generator and making it your own doesn’t appear to be stealing right?

The Decepticons don’t consider him part of the faction, but he seems to act like one but only to become their business associate. There wasn’t any bounty hunter in the Generation One series and this probably is the first one to be created for TFA.

Lockdown gets his very first action figure in the TFA toy line and it’s glorious. He’s part of the first wave of Transformers Animated Deluxe Class assortment transforming into an amalgam of a 1980s Corvette and a 1960s Cougar, with lots of spikes and a cow-catcher on his bumper. But taking a closer look of the packaging Hasbro has definitely put quality in their bubble card.

The front features the art from the animated series and the car in the bubble all wired up with a plastic twisty. At the back details of the character and the abilities he has and also shows the other figures in the wave that was released.

Black, bad, and bold would define Lockdown’s appearance in vehicle mode being based on muscle cars from different eras seems to be an appropriate look for a character who has penchant for collecting things. The front of the car looks mean like the ones you see in the 1980s Madmax films and make you stay away from its path.

The engine block / EMP generator flips out twin cannon barrels by pressing it down. It’s really a freaking terrifying car mode that stands out among the other TFA releases.

Transformation is not that difficult most of it is spring loaded where the engine pops out to reveal a hook hand gauntlet that can be used to either arm. But for animation model accuracy, it would go on his right arm. It’s easy step to turning this maniacal road rage into a scarier bounty hunter and might not even need to look at the instruction manual.

In robot mode the engine block can be removed and attached to the deluxe Ratchet's left arm via the "war wound" socket. You can be as excited as Rachet but it cannot be attached to Prowl's arm. Despite being "normal" size in car mode for a Deluxe, due to his transformation, he towers over most Deluxe Class in robot mode. Probably Lockdown is considered the ‘middle scale’ between Deluxe and Voyager Class figure assortment due to his long arms and legs.

This figure’s wrists are susceptible to breaking off if too much pressure is applied when trying to force his wrists into a more natural "straight down" position, so don't do it. The previous released had issues with the EMP generator with problems of the trigger barrel release when pressing the engine down.

Lockdown is slightly not transformed properly in the production photos, where his legs are not properly extended. Doing so would allow the panels at the top of his legs to fold into his legs and face down, not forward. This also has his shoulder panels should be flipped up where these steps make for a more cartoon-accurate toy.

Overall Lockdown is a MUST HAVE since he’s an original character in the series that’s getting quite a fan attention to his portrayals in the series. The toy itself has been popular that you can only see his other variation with a chainsaw instead of a hook.

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