Wednesday, March 8, 2017

TF Sightings | TK Megamall & Podium

03.08.2017 – Titans Return, the current Generations line of Transformers taking inspiration to the Headmasters and comic book stories published by IDW Publication is in full swing as the toys have started arriving in Philippine retail. New sightings of assortments from Wave 2 and 3 have been spotted.

Interesting enough not all of the assortments has made it to retail displays like Wheelie from the first wave of Legends Class. But back in South Australia this character is in abundance. But right now the latest figures like Sky Shadow, Kup, Perceptor, and Road Burn is already available at Toy Kingdom.

The new representation of Sky Shadow, Kup, Perceptor and Road Burn with Titan Master partners aka Headmasters in Japan is a fresh take on the characters that where either released originally as the above mention series or Target Masters.

Sky Shadow, Kup and Perceptor where the highlighted characters sighted at the Toy Kingdom flagship store in SM Megamall and taking a look closer these characters definitely stand out at the display shelves.

Sky Shadow Redux

An original Japanese character that appeared in the original toyline that never made it to the US market, but have a limited in Europe is recreated as a Leader Class Titans Return figure. This is not the first time Sky Shadow (Originally Black Shadow in Japan) was reproduced for the Generations as his figure was released before as a Deluxe Class assortment using Thunderwing’s retooled body.

The Titans Return figure comes with a Titan Master partner and is bigger under the Leader Class assortment, which also shares the retooling for the upcoming Overlord. This figure is available anywhere unlike Sixshot which was a fan favorite.

Colorful Menasor

Hasbro started releasing complete box sets of the Aerialbots, Stunticons and other assortments from Combiner Wars. But they’re straight repaints based on the Generation 2 color schemes that are too funky for a 1990s revival.

But originally the Generation 2 Menasor was never released in a complete set and some of the members of this team where produced as convention exclusives. This version may look too loud for their colors but they seem to be an attractive set for those who missed out on the Combiner Wars releases that are fans of the team.

Headmaster Kup & Perceptor

Original Kup was released twice in classic G1 line and the second time it was re-released in 1987 he carries a Nebulan that turns into his weapon, which would consider this a Target Master. But the new Kup comes with a Titan Master partner that can turn into his head. But this is not the first time Kup is released in the Generations toyline as the first one turns into an Earth-based pick up truck.

Perceptor on the other hand this time transforms into his Microscope alternate mode unlike the previous Generations released that takes the form of a truck with tank tracks on the rear. But this Perceptor is rom the Titans Return series with a Titan Master partner that transforms inro his head.

Deluxe Class Price Point

Hardly to those who started interest in collecting Transformers like the latest Titans Returns assortment did you know these Deluxe Class figures where sold almost half of today’s toys? Now the current Deluxe Class assortment is sold at PhP 999.75 pesos in comparison the Classic came out in 2007 priced between PhP 400 to 500 pesos.

The quality is not as superb since but paying for a premium Takara Tomy edition is not even perfect either. Both Hasbro and Takara Tomy share one factory that sell these toys it’s just how its being released you’ll notice the difference.

Who is Roadburn?

If you happen to pass by Toy Kingdom at Podium there’s a new Legends Class figure available that’s part of the Wave 4 assortment that includes a new Brawn (not the Titan Master with Jeep/Future-Cycle) that’s currently hard to find as of this report.

Roadburn is originally based from the Throttlebot named Chase, but due to last minute change to the name to avoid confusion with another character from Rescue Bots they stuck with this new moniker retailed at PhP 599.75 pesos.

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