Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy Meal Spotlight | RID Grimlock

03.06.2017 – Grimlock has been a popular character that his name has been used in previous series going back to Beast Wars. But this Grimlock is not the same one from those who grew up with the original cartoon he’s from the 2015 RID Series.

McDonald’s have released a new set of Happy Meal toys based from the ‘Robots in the Disguise’ series apart from the one that was sold in 2015 which also included Grimlock. This time the latest iteration has something more than it can chew!

There’s not much introduction to any character that’s named Grimlock, but for those who haven’t seen the 2015 Robots in Disguise series he was introduced as one of the Decepticon inmates who was part of the doomed prison ship Alchemor that crashed on planet Earth with an Autobot named Fixit.

Grimlock’s back story reveals he was arrested for causing severe property damage and imprisoned in a stasis cell. He helped Fixit and the rest of the Autobots track down the escaped prisoners of Alchemor in the series.

Bigger, Bad, and Still a T-Rex

In the previous Happy Meal toy version of Grimlock the figure is in Tyrannosaurus Rex alternate mode and has a light-up gimmick. For the 2017 version HE IS STILL in alternate mode, but this time there’s articulation on his dino arms though the legs are fixed to its static action pose.

There are improvements on this version of Grimlock and that is his lack of size in the 2015 release with more details based on his alternate form. But since this is a meal toy budget constraints have given this dinobot less mobility. He and Strongarm have similar oversized spring loaded weapons.

An Average Dinobot

Grimlock made up for size and more detail in alternate mode, but sacrifices light-up gimmick and leg articulation for his arms to have rotating joints. In the five characters that were released for this Happy Meal he’s the biggest.

Like the recent Happy Meal toys Grimlock doesn’t transform to his robot mode and the only one in alternate mode. But everything with this figure looks great aesthetically even though the only gimmick it has is with the oversized weapon that can be attached to his back.

Overall this Grimlock is way better than the 2015 Happy Meal version, but could have been better if the just still incorporated the light-up gimmick instead of the oversized spring loaded weapon. The design aesthetic resembles Godzilla with that grin smug in his face he can pass up to be a mechanical version.

This would also be in-scale of the previous RID 2015 released Happy Meal toys due to the size difference and more detailed appearance close enough to the actual toy. But then again its still wishful thinking if it also transformed.

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