Wednesday, April 1, 2015

TFCC Reveals Combiner Wars Fitor for 2015!

04.01.2015 – Transformers celebrated the brand for thirty years introducing familiar characters from the vintage release and releasing them in them modern appearance. But some have been introduced in a whole new way.

Takara Tomy sometimes announce these releases often a little bit of shocking for most fans overseas to be excited about. For this year the Transformers brand expands with the Combiner Wars robots able to form an even larger robot but what if one of them is a Gobotronian?

Most current fans only knew little characters that appeared in “Challenge of the Gobots” in the 1980s like Leader-1, Turbo, and Scooter as the heroic Guardians. On the other side of the faction are the Renegades led by Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur who have been a frequent Easter egg joke foil in the comic books published by Dreamwave formerly and currently with IDW Publishing revealing their deaths.

The most recent appearance of Gobot characters are the ones appearing in the Shattered Glass universe, which is published by Fun Publications to promote the 2008 exclusive characters from that mirror universe that also made Leader-1 and Fitor appear in the comic book being mangled by Ravage.

But it doesn’t reveal that one of them appear to survive that scene, where the ‘Heroic’ Decepticons are battling the ‘Evil’ Autobots that never succeeded in launching their ship for deep space. It’s been a while since general fans have revisited the Shattered Glass universe and the stories are exclusively released through Fun Publications, which have the license for the Transformers Collectors Club subscription.

This seems also a surprise that Fun Publications and Takara Tomy rarely collaborate and have leaked images of one Gobot character being from the ‘Shattered Glass’ universe that survive that war on the alternate universe almost seven years ago.

Enter: Fitor a member of the ‘Evil’ Autobots who survived that particular war and happens to be upgraded into a combiner. Instead of being part of the Aerialbots from that alternate universe he was fitted with four interchangeable drones to add more power to his diminutive size as the last time you might have seen him damaged beyond repair. It seems Wheeljack the mad scientist has been experimenting with Fitor.

The Combiner Wars Fitor is on a Scout Class scale that comes with four of his drones that interconnects to form a larger form of the ‘Evil’ Autobot from the Shattered Glass Universe, which in his full form the size of the Deluxe Class figure.

Fitor transforms into a red fighter ‘Jet Robo’ mode along with his four drone companions that carries weapons in their vehicle form. While Fitor does not rely on projectile weapons in his biocard reveals as translated in Japanese that he’s armed with ‘knuckle blasters’ on both forearms. Interesting that Fitor doesn't have an alternate head when he’s combined with his four drones similar to the Combiner Wars Optimus Prime.

This Fun Publication exclusive is part of the 2015 subscription if you already have signed up last month you might get this exclusive for a limited release.

Now all Hasbro needs to do is expand and bring more Challenge of the Gobots characters in the Combiner Wars story unless Bandai has other things in mind with their own ‘Machine Robo Rescue’ series.

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