Wednesday, December 31, 2014

TF Sightings at Westfield Marion!

12.31.2014 –In the city of Adelaide, South Australia there’s not much abundance of Transformers toys unlike in the Philippines, but there are some of the assortments that are available in retail that’s quite interesting that is something unique for this country.

There are selected TF toys sighted at Westfield Marion, where stores like Big W, K-Mart, Target, and Myer (A counterpart of Rustan’s in Australia) have some exclusive offerings that have not made it to Philippine retail that’s what makes them unique on their own.

But when you compare them to the Philippine stores or what stocks they have you got more than the ones in Australia. Most have said that Hasbro Australia is not as consistent as compared to the Philippines’ Playkit though it depends on how you see it. In a general sense this depends on how some areas have their stock different from another store the same way how the price points are the same.

With that comparing Myer’s price point is more expensive as the version of ‘Rustan’s’ in Australia being a high end retail store, which is unique to Australia as compared to the Philippines all price point is regulated. The toy run has more places to go around as to say compared to the toy sighting in Korea in 2011.

Myer’s Asian Market Exclusive Optimus Prime VS Gaia Unicron

Packaged in Japanese style box whre it has an opening window to reveal the toys is sighted at Myer’s, which is something not seen in other stores inside Westfield Marion and it’s a bit pricey too due to that its only exclusive at this store.

Target Exclusive Age of Extinction One-Step Changer 6-Pack

For anyone who are minimalist and also into the ‘Bay-Formers’ you’ll be interested to know there was a six pack One-Step Changer assortment that includes Silver Knight Optimus Prime, Autobot Drift, Lockdown, Grimlock, Dinobot Slug, and Bumblebee. This would be a post-Christmas present idea for the kids who have seen the fourth Transformers film.

Transformers Hero Mashers Grimlock & Strafe (Swoop)

The only Hero Masher Dinobot that was sighted in the Philippines is Sludge, but never has been ever a Grimlock or a Strafe (Swoop) with Bumblebee. Big W and Target has both being sold in these stores, but who knows it might arrive the Philippine market depending on the interest as most Hero Mashers have slowly being put up on clearance.

Construct Bots at ‘The Reject Shop’

It’s mostly old stock that can be found in this part of Westfield Marion and rarely a Transformers toy would be seen here, but the Construct Bots also in the Philippines are already being sold as clearance sale this happens to at ‘The Reject Shop’ where this is a good find if you’re planning to get both leaders in this two-pack.

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