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Movie Advanced: M4-002 Grimlock!

12.24.2014 – Grimlock is one of the popular characters in Transformers. This leader of the Dinobots has evolved over the years with various interpretation of the character from the animation, comic books, videogames and now the movie.

In Transformers 4 he appears to a mystical character along with the Dinobots newly reinterpreted for the big screen. Though the character was not a hit with long time fans it clearly appeals to the younger generation how cool Grimlock can be.

The dinobots are iconic as can be not necessarily a favourite among the long time fans. But definitely impressive characters for the new generation and with the revival fro prehistoric creatures, that include monsters like Godzilla expect Jurrassic World next year to push that interest further.

It’s like 1990s all over again with the resurgence with such property like Godzilla you’d expect a movie that include the Dinobots won’t be a massive hit. Despite the mixed reviews by moviegoers who saw TransFormers 4.

Even though the Dinobots had little few screen time they definitely was visually eye catching as ever. For the young ones they can’t get enough with these lumbering creatures and Dinosaurs will become all the rage next year.

Advanced Grimlock

Takara Tomy’s movie related line dubbed “Movie Advanced” is not just a repackaging of the movie toys that Hasbro released early this year. There might be something more than Japanese language only packaging.

This variation of Grimlock released by Takara Tomy differs from the Age of Extinction: Generation line. Clearly the lack of silver paint in the dinosaur head, features additional paint on his robot face and legs, and has red dinosaur eyes. Even before transformation to dino mode you can notice the difference.

The robot mode is way past how the original was designed. If you’re new to TransFormers you’ll definitely pick this up after seeing the film. But entirely being a Voyager Class figure it seemed like it’s a bit taller than the Deluxe Class assortments.

Dragon or Dinosaur take you pick?

Originally a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the classic cartoon this new version seemed to be more like a mythical creature in the same level of a dragon. As mentioned with the difference with the US version it shows how Takara Tomy tries to be different its Grimlock from the US release.

Opening it from the packaging it was in robot mode and carries a spike maul-like weapon and in its beast mode it can be attached as part of the tail as its really long tail extension that seemed quite odd.“Thrilling 30” years of Transformers.

The Hasbro version which is actually the Platimun Edition was reviewed by Dark Lord Dungeon has more details on why this version of Grimlock didn’t quite appear exciting. But overall its still have ‘fun’ features like the spring-loaded chomping jaw.

This Generations’ Dinobot

The robot mode is well designed and still carries some elements from the Grimlock is not perfect as you’d expect even before the movie came out and revealed the characters’ first appearance. It can appeal to the younger audience along with its dinobot companion, but its short screen time gave mixed reactions that made the movie seemed to be made to sell these characters in toy form.

For long time fans who saw the original Grimlock they have to pass this up due to its controversial appearance. It’s a solid figure indeed with its impressive handheld weapon Grimlock is menacing. But for those who has been around long enough this Dinobot doesn’t even have enough appeal to insult Slag as the least popular one.

Movie Advanced M4-002 Grimlock is also the US version of the Age of Extinction: Generations Grimlock with minor paint and color scheme difference acquired in Japan where Takara Tomy released these toys.

2 Out of 5 Robot Points.

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