Friday, November 7, 2014

TF Sightings: Clearance & Warehouse Sales!

11.07.2014 – Friday was indeed a hectic weekend with the holiday season slowly creeping its way as early as November one might wonder if there’s a sale. There hasn’t been a huge price downs out there for Transformers product, but if there is expect a big crowd taking everything home not including the kitchen sink.

There were interesting stiff from Age of Extinction and the former Transformers Prime toy line that’s now on a blue or yellow tag.

Toy Kingdom, the Philippines’ biggest toy store held its annual Toy Warehouse Sale beginning Saturday for those who have SM Advantage and BDO Debit as well as Credit Card holders gets first dibs on what’s on sale. There were not much for Transformers, but eagle eyes won’t stop anyone to look around.

In fact selective few assortments from the Age of Extinction toy line have been on yellow tag and this is just the first day of the event. While for those who wants to veered away from the huge crowd and long line there are other places you can look for stuff on clearance. Toys R’ Us is silently doing that for the past weeks, and if you’re the reclusive toy hunter you’ll know where to find the ones you need. Not just all the “hype wants” in your list that you’ve been hoping to take it home.

So if you’ve missed all happenings earlier today perhaps you might want to check out the images taken during all these sightings below:

NOTE: Inquiries are sometimes the thing of the past online, but if you really need the figure or those characters in your collection you set the priority to look for it yourself. It’s still the best way to search for those toys rather than sit there like a potato head hoping you’ll get the answers you need regarding an inquiry.

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