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Top Five Best TRANSFORMERS Toy Photography!

07.12.2014 – Transformers Age of Extinction has dominated the Philippine cinemas, and around the world raking box office tickets like it was an energon goodie that Hot Rod was giving away. This is when he was stuck with Kup on the planet where they crashed in the Transformers: The Movie in 1986.

Back in the Philippines you can definitely see the passion of each fan to share their adoration for the TRANSFORMERS brand. There’s a local community that promotes a similar passion through ‘Toy Photography and here are some compositions that made it to the TOP FIVE BEST Toy Photography.

When you talk about ‘Toy Photography’ it depends on how you put the two words together. Some might shoot the photo literally while the toy is still in package or just a random shot that seemed kind of cool for some to just appreciate it.

But for those who are passionate and continue to be consistent in bringing their imaginations to life you’ll see how they level up without the need to be noticed. Some just want to share the best composition they have and there are those who just simply share what they had in mind.

Some are heavily rendered using photo manipulation software. But there are those who go through the challenge in composing the image in a real life environment using real affects like smoke and the weather to capture the best shot.

But ‘Toy Photography’ is a passion that can’t be defined even for those who just simply put it out there. What separates these compositions that really attract attention is all about just having fun, and putting their Transformers toys in a perspective that everyone thought impossible.

Here are the best five images that defined the toys coming alive!

Bryan Mark V. German

For years his work through ‘Toy Photography’ has been getting noticed through social media either Facebook or Flickr. His constant submissions of his composition is stuff of legends.

There’s no doubt German is highly regarded in Philippine toy communities and in some part of the world. His rendition on this composition cannot be denied that it scream “ROCK & ROLL OUT!”, while the famed Autobot Commander runs at you without senseless regard to Decepticon life.

Reuben Mas

A family man with a the heart of a casual fan albeit its Batman or Iron Man you bet he has something to share aside from the big two.

He’s not a food connoisseur but he’s getting there, which is something about action figures and Art Toys. For his composition it’s about perspective where the man and inner child work in concert to share his appreciation to the brand that Transformers is about art too.

Max Lye

Relatively a new comer in the ‘Toy Photography’ community, but don’t be surprised that he doesn't need explanation on his composition. Just like Mark V. German’s photo this one screams with thunderous BLAM! All Caps as Prime gets blown to bits by Lockdown and he uses the Kre-O Minifigures without the background which it works.

The Malaysian-based ‘Toy Photographer’ really took time to give his photo manipulation skills to work in making this image. This earns a lot of LIKEs and positive comments. Definitely adds to the list to round up the best Transformers Toy Photography.

Lawrence Canlas

The Philippines is one of the top countries to be called #Selfie Capital of the world, and it’s obvious that everyone does it today. This is a different take for Lawrence who mostly takes his subject in ‘Still Life’ style of ‘Toy Photography’, and what makes it interesting uses this theme for his composition.

Geejay Plamenco

You can be a good photographer or just take it to the next level without the need for attention. Geejay is a remarkable individual who grew up with Super Robots, but rarely sees using Transformers as his subjects for his toy shoots. For this one is a marriage of classic characters embracing the present and here is Prime charging into battle with THE original Grimlock.

Geejay reveals that he had minimal photo manipulation used in this image, which what makes it all too natural that he provides the effects on the spot in the outdoors. You can definitely see where that motivation comes from being a regular contributor to a 'How to' Website where he posts some simple DIY tips.

This completes THE BEST FIVE TRANSFORMERS TOY PHOTOGRAPHY not in ranking order, but compiles the best ones featured here. But if you think these images are not the best and you know who should be on the list leave a comment, suggestions, and reactions for now if you haven’t seen the runner-up see them all HERE!

Special acknowledgements to Sam Patrick Fontanilla for the awesome cover banner from ‘Toy Photography’ community.

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