Friday, July 25, 2014

SDCC 2014: New Series RiD & Toys Revealed!

07.25.2014 – If you’re not at this year’s Comic-Con and wondering what’s been happening there for the last 24 hours then worry no more. Hasbro has announced some big things happening to the TRANSFORMERS brand from today moving forward to 2015.

It’s been a while since Transformers Prime has gone off air and Age of Extinction has toppled the cinemas all over the world.

Now it’s time to head back to the small screen with the latest iteration of a new series with the surprising trailer for Transformers Robots in Disguise. Yes it sounded like Hasbro just recycled the title from the 2001 series, but with new animation but the same Cybertronians you’ve come to grow up with.

The series is set to be shown on The Hub Network this fall 2014, but there are no exact details on what the series is about only a preview of Bumblebee and a new cast of Autobots battling of course the Decepticons with the sneak peek clip courtesy of where you can catch it below:

When there’s a new series the toys are not far behind and Ben’s World of Transformers is all over the updates as Hasbro has sent him press material, and product images of the upcoming figures that will be taking over your nearest toy shelves.

There is new-look for Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Sideswipe as well as new characters Strong Arm and a creature called Underbite that was posted on the BWTF Facebook Page. Here are the breakdown on what are the figures that was posted.

Hyperchange and Warrior Class Bumblebee:

Hasbro is making more Bumblebee figures just to retain the use of the name, and for that reason why there are more of him now than ever. Two new assortment that features a ‘Hyper Change’ versions and a ‘Warrior Class’ assortment that would add more yellow colored hero two your growing Bumblebee collection on every Transformers display.

Cyberverse Legend Class Optimus Prime:

The Autobot Commander now transforms into a garbage truck as some fans commented. But there’s not much information Hasbro has released only press material images of the products that where announced during SDCC and you’ll get more news soon.

One Step Change Legion Class Sideswipe:

Sideswipe has been a Lamborghini in the classic cartoon and a Corvette Stingray Concept. This time you may not be surprised about the latest car mode he takes form on the new RID series. But as mentioned above no details on what the show is about, but the head design might put some long time fans off with the new take on this well-known Autobot.

Cyberverse Legend Class Strong Arm:

The name Strong Arm has been used before in a previous series, but this new character is a pick-up truck with a crown on his head. Interesting design and yet still a mystery with no other details aside from being introduced as an Autobot.

One Step Change Legend Class Underbite:

This might be a drone creature that changes into an unexplained vehicle, and the other mode doesn’t look like a robot but a creature that reminds you of the Zod Monsters from Challenge of the Gobots. Interesting introduction for a character all too new to fans, and surely Hasbro will have further explanation of this characters soon.

There no details of price points for the figures revealed but Comic-Con International is just about heating up for now the images are good until they talk about the new series.

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