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SDCC 2014: Generations Combiner Wars!

07.26.2014 – Comic-Con has finally descended in San Diego and the exclusives where just scratching of the surface. The much awaited part for any Transformers fans out there is the panel for future release in all aspect of the brand namely the new TV series, videogames, comic books and toys.

IDW Publishing reveal the art of Livio Ramondelli’s modern take of ‘Scramble City’ dubbed ‘Combiner Wars’, which was reported by as well as the new product photos of the stars of the next Generations release courtesy of who have friends reporting this.

The Combiner Wars obviously is a modern reinterpretation of what ‘Scramble City’ was known in Japan, where the story is set in-between Season 2 of the classic TV series and the 1986 animated movie. The fans growing up with the original Transformers where crying and shocked by the death of one Autobot Leader, which also introduced new cast of characters. But before everything went down during the Battle of Autobot City there was Scramble City a prelude and the rest was history.

But this is mostly focused on combining teams that appeared during the later part of Season 2. Most apparently is the introduction of the Aerialbots and Stunticons. It’s been a long time since you’ve heard about these teams but never actually seen having them combined in previous toy lines. reported a video panel revealing these toys and IDW Publishing supporting it with the artwork featuring two of these titans in combined form as Superion and Menasor duking it our while the non-combining characters run for their lives. has posted some live photos of the figures at SDCC, which were sent through by friend and contacts present at the unveiling.

Most of the product images from the press release can be found in the Facebook page, and surely long time fans that have followed the characters from the classic cartoon and that old Marvel comic book would be excited to see the modern version of the Aerialbots and Stunticons.

The combiner leaders would be Voyager Class scale while the other members that form the limbs and arms will be in their Deluxe Class price points. It’s interesting that some of the characters where slightly revamped like in the original Stunticons most of the vehicles that combined with Motormaster are sports cars and now they added the dynamic having a pick-up truck to the roster.

While some fans who grew up thinking the Aerialbots are entirely jets and having Silverbolt as a Concorde passenger jet they add a helicopter to the roster dynamic. But the Protectobots have that covered. But the signs of times have changed that some of the characters names can no longer be obtained so Hasbro had to think differently. They were also smart enough to catch up with Third Party companies making their own combiners, since the demand has been high when they had Bruticus.

But the Combaticons are not the characters you’ve seen that Starscream personally created while stranded in a deserted island. But for these two namely Superion and Menasor has been a long time coming demand for the fans to bring back, and Hasbro obliged in the recent panel at SDCC 2014.

No official date of release but Hasbro is eyeing to have these in toy shelves early 2015. In the Philippines the possibility of this release will be rare since Bruticus was sold as a packed set unlike in other countries where regular consumers get their chance to see it in toy shelves without the need to attend a scheduled distribution day.

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