Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hot Toys Reveal TF G1: Optimus Prime (Starscream Version)!

07.23.2014 – Hot Toys is becoming a global brand when it comes to 1/6 scale or 12 inch figures. With intricate details and life like appearance based from actors portraying these characters it’s no doubt that it is no longer a toy for kids, but a collectible for adults to beef up their displays.

In the past Hot Toys has acquired license to produce iconic G.I. Joe characters most recently based on Retaliation and Star Wars with that sweet Bespin Luke that includes the weather vane where he was hanging in dear life. Now Hot Toys just dropped the ball and revealed Optimus Prime!

Yes you have read it in Hot Toys official Facebook Page about the reveal, that you might come across this weekend at Comic-Con International in San Diego aka SDCC 2014. It’s surprising that this Optimus Prime based from the classic Generation 1 cartoons comes with ‘wings’ which is Starscream’s that is.

Optimus Prime from Hot Toys does not transform unlike the Masterpiece releases by Takara and Hasbro. This one should be as intimidating as its namesake cousins. Though lacking the ability to change in to the iconic flat nose semi-truck he gains some realistically battle worn details and wings for him to fly. This inspiration sort of mirrors the live action films that introduced Jetfire combining Prime to have the ability to take flight.

The famed Autobot Commander comes not only with the Decepticon Air Commanders’’ wings but also the nullray and other heavy weapons. This also includes Sideswipe’s jetpack from the pilot episode ‘ More Than Meets The Eye’ from the classic cartoon.

The other nifty extras include his iconic blaster, Matrix of leadership (which can be seen upon opening his chest) and a base where you can pose Optimus Prime in action or just standing their revered by other Transformers fans who can’t wait to see this in person. Of course this also includes a limited edition head of Starscream, which is not included in the photo that might revealed soon.

Details on Optimus Prime can be read below as released by Hot Toys:

“One shall stand, one shall fall”

Under license from Hasbro, Inc., Hot Toys is proud to present the Optimus Prime (Starscream Version) Collectible Figure from the classic and highly popular THE TRANSFORMERS GENERATION 1.

The Optimus Prime (Starscream Version) Collectible Figure stands approximately 30cm tall, featuring a highly detailed mechanical structure and remarkable painting applications with distress effect, a pair of Starscream’s wings, weapons, and a rocky ground diorama base with Autobots’ logo.

THE TRANSFORMERS GENERATION 1 fans shouldn’t miss the chance to pre-order this cool collectible figure!

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