Sunday, April 6, 2014

FCBD 2014: Transformers VS G.I. Joe!

04.06.2014 – There has been several stories that tie up two of Hasbro’s franchise. It’s been re-told several times in different eras or realities. G.I. Joe and Transformers both popular in the 1980s has surpassed that and became part of the modern culture.

This year IDW Publishing participates again to the upcoming Free Comic Book Day and their latest offering involves two of Hasbro’s well adored brand in one comic book that will be given away in the first Saturday in May.

Tom Scioli and John Barber spoke to Comic Book Resources last month that there nothing like ‘Transformers V.S. G.I. Joe’ to sum up their reaction about their experience making the book that’s going to be part of FCBD.

There have been stories of different realities told about these metallic mash ups from Marvel, Dreamwave and now IDW bringing this in a bigger scale. Long time fans would be excited for this and if you haven’t seen the cover take a look below:

Transformers VS G.I. Joe #0 is an exclusive for Free Comic Book Day debuts on May 3, 2014 which is a Saturday, and if you’re interested grab a copy since its FREE. Let your friends know about it!

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