Monday, July 18, 2011

TransFans Inspires Transformers and Disney Pixar's Cars!

07.18.2011 - Ryder Aquino is one passionate Transfan who makes unique and awesome photoshop art.

Ryder is also the man behind the Cobra Energy Drink, where the infamous Cobra Commander was promoting the product. This time around Ryder puts his inspiration to both famous franchises in Disney Pixar's Cars 2 and the latest Transformers Prime TV series.

When you mesh it together you got two epic but humorous concepts this side where toy collecting is just a part of being a true Transfan.
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This cool creation definitely made us laugh, and hoping we see the upcoming sequel in Cars 2 which is already shown in the North America.

This also helps promote the soon to be shown Cars 2 to the Philippines in August, and definitely to anticipate for those who are waiting to see another "talking car" flick. Not only is Ryder made a memorable relation to both franchises.

Well known comic artist Lyndon Gregorio of Beerkada did a strip about Cars linking to Transformers, Back when the first movie came out by casting Mark Cerbo one of the members of this group who also adored Cars.

Maybe you should check out this old school comic strip that was done by Lyndon back in 2006...

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