Sunday, July 10, 2011

Toy Sighting at the Mission Earth TRU Toy Launch!

07.10.2011 - Transformers: Mission Earth was a successful toy launch for Toys R' Us Philippines. It featured a lot of toys that was released from the Dark of the Moon toyline.

The latest waves where interesting, and you'll get to see them in a few weeks. Yesterday was also festive since the price cut on the Reveal of the Shield toyline was announced at 50% Percent off.

Meaning all the Deluxe Class that was released under the RTS toyline is now at PhP 350 pesos, while the Voyager Class is at PhP 600.00 pesos.
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If you have missed yesterday and today's toy releases for the Mission Earth TRU Toy Launch, that coincided with the movie Tranformers Dark of the Moon.

We bring you some of the toys sighted, that's about to be sold at your nearest TRU stores...

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