Friday, July 22, 2011

SDCC '11: Transformers Prime S2 teaser: "He Is Coming..."

Via IGN and a post from, a new teaser for the upcoming second season of Transformers Prime has made its way online, showing a showdown between Optimus Prime and Megatron, which ends in bright flash of light and never shows the outcome of that battle. The scene then jumps into the cosmos, where Prime's voice can be heard talking about a prophecy Primus foretold about a great evil awakening when the time is right... Check out the teaser below and see for yourselves.

Transformers Prime Season 2 teaser: "He is Coming..."

That's pretty much it, so the guessing game starts now. Could it be Unicron? We won't know for sure til a clearer revelation comes, so stay tuned for more updates, and visit the source post at and IGN for more info.

*Originally posted by Timzster in The Crusader's Realm

Transformers Prime Season 2 premieres on November 28!

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