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Movie Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon!

06.29.2011 - Transformers: Dark of the Moon officially premiered in Russia sometime last week. In the Philippines the promotion for the movie was done through various media giving some of the fans some spotlight.

The press media screening was at the Coca-Cola IMAX Theater in SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. They had Chevrolet Philippines exhibited the Camaro and Spark for everyone's delight.

They also provided a special program for everyone's interaction. After the special screening there was a midnight showing in selected theaters.
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Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens on June 29, 2011 on 3D in selected theaters across the Philippines. Special thanks to Solar-United International Pictures for bringing this film locally.

There was one midnight viewing that was sponsored by Nokia presenting their products and special photo booth, where you can win mobiles phones if you take a picture of you as a group. There where other several promotions, and when the smoke cleared it was a gradiose affair.

The Movie.

The plot and twist of the third Transformers film has inspired by previous storylines from the original cartoon and some comics books. If your a transfans who are not just into the toys, and have read or seen the cartoons you'll notice where they got these ideas.

Some possible references that made the third film are based from the comic 12 part mini-series All Hail Megatron, the cartoon epic Ultimate Doom from the original cartoon, and a few Star Trek refernces that some would be familiar with.

The tone of the story is so dark they tied up Sentinel Prime's appearance to the space race from the 1960s. If your not keeping score of the very first trailer the plot give you that idea. Though for any transfan it depends on your view towards your immediate reaction after seeing the movie.

Probably the movie had came out with mixed reactions due to some won't appreaciate the references that summed up the whole story.

Visually shot in 3D perspective was a step up from what Revenge of the Fallen was lacking and way ahead with the quality over the first filme in 2007.

The action was not all out but they tried to keep the balance with regard to the interactions. This includes the back up story about how Carly Miller came to Sam Witwicky's life. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is fairly new to the film, and have to give her more screen time to learn the ropes. But she was less of an eye candy and more as her character being part of the story.

Some of the human characters where fleshed out, but still leaves to be acknowledged and sometimes we forgot that we're not watching a live action G.I. Joe film.

Mostly if you see this film as a regular spectator you won't hardly notice to nitpick. For any passionate Transformers Fan, who definitely read and saw the previous cartoons you'll have tons of references. There where several comparisons that was debated over the course of seeing this film.

Mr. Spock as Sentinel Prime.

Not to spoil everyone surely you already know that Leonard Nimoy is not new to Transformers lore as he had voiced Galvatron from the original 1986 animated movie. The film that made parents write back because they killed off Optimus Prime and everyone cried about it.

This time he is voicing Sentinel Prime, that probably give you the idea that he is Mr. Spock inside that robot.

It Ain't Easter without the Eggs.

You can see some stuff happening in the background if your not paying attention. Mostly some scenes looked familiar when you just really try to absorbed the brunt of the film as it rolls. Mostly Star Trek related since Leonard Nimoy was known as Mr. Spock, the alien Vulcan and second in command of the USS Enterprise.

Then you got some references that are also easter eggs for any true blue Transfan who did not only admire to see this film, but is aware what they are seeing. Not just blabbing or talking nonsense onhow good the movie faired.

The Final Transformers Movie?

Finally, we get to see its ending but the climactic scenes where not at awesome as what the first live action delivered back in 2007. But overall this film was way better than Revenge of the Fallen. Though not as grand or anticipating as the first movie.

They expanded the film that put a lot of robots and people, that you tend to get lost with all these cluster f@%# as quoated by one fo the characters in the film, and we surely not going to give you that idea who it was.

... The Final Verdict.

Rating at 3.5 Robot Points for being a good film to see with the family over the weekend if your looking for some action, and a little bit of romance on the side.

We encourage you to see it and believe that its worth watching, but if your on average to spend movie ticket 2D screening is just fine.

Running Time: Two Hours and Thirty Five Minutes.

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