Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HFTD Deluxe Class: "Electrostatic" Jolt!

05.04.2011 - Electrostatic Jolt was released under the Hunt for the Decepticons assortment.

An expanded toyline after Revenge of the Fallen which came out in 2010.

This was the retooled/repaint of Jolt and the difference is the "Electorstatic" paint application on both sides of the Chevrolet Volt.

There was a noticeable lighter color on the car mode, but the rest of the vehicle mode much stayed the same.

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Transformation is not that complicated, but some parts tend to fall off in-between the change from vehicle to robot mode. Its either its a factory issue or just inappropriate procedure in transforming this to robot mode.

The robot mode would have been better if there was any upgrades like longer whips hidden in both forearms. They could have include something to extend Jolt's electro-whips, which by far won't be considered a whip that short. Though a lot might have already owned a Jolt figure this one has better articulation compared to Sideswipe.

One of the not-so good part of the robot mode is the head design. It could use some serious retooling with larger eyeballs the face looks cartonish in nature.

The vehicle mode taking the form of the Chevrolet Volt would fit in to the character as the real world car is actually a hybrid, that is powered by electricity and is a green machine.

In the movie Revenge of the Fallen Jolt was seen less until the crucial scene, where he was one of the characters who helped Optimus Prime merge with Jetfire.

Mostly seen in the background even his car mode was never given much airtime in those "road scenes", but overall you got to love the chevrolet Volt as this is GM's first at bringing lectric powered cars on the road.

Hopefully we'll see more of Jolt in the upcoming Dark of the Moon sequel to be shown on July 1, 2011.

Overall the figure was awesome in vehicle mode. The low part of the toy is the robot modes head, the whip in his forearm could have been retoold to look longer, and the shoulder wind shield on the left should keeps falling off.

I assume this might be factory issue with the left wind shield falling off, but this figure deserves an upgrade and gets a 3.5 robot points.

Currently Jolt is on clearance sold for PhP 400.00 pesos ($8.00 US Dollars) along with the remaining Hunt for the Decepticons assortments in selected stores Manila-wide.

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