Friday, April 1, 2011

Transformers Generations: Wheeljack

Presenting the Hasbro version of Transformers Generations Wheeljack. One of the most famous and beloved Transformers, co-creator of the Dinobots, and one of the supposed holy grails of the Transformers Generations line is unfortunately nothing more than a re-tooling of Transformers Generations Tracks.

I was initially excited about getting Transformers Generations so you can imagine my disappointment to find out he was a re-tool.

In his defense though Transformers Generations Wheeljack's re-tooling is more than just a new head, accessories and a paint job, they gave him a new body-kit - a rear spoiler and a front spoiler/air dam. The final transformations are also different as tracks has to twist his lower torso to complete his transformation while Transformers Generations Wheeljack just splits his legs open and that's it. I purchased this particular figure on e-bay courtesy of Victoyoyoys for PhP 790 inclusive of shipping.

Transformers Generations Wheeljack was originally a Lancia Statos Turbo sporting Alitalia (Airlines) livery (Although the Alitalia logo was not visible in the cartoons, just their colors). Transformers Generations Wheeljack also drops the Alitalia logo but maintains the green and red stripes. He also - as previously mentioned, drops the Lancia Stratos Turbo body in exchange for Track's Chevrolet Corvette C6 married to a Dodge Viper with a front and rear spoiler thrown in.

We should note at this point that the front spoiler severely reduces the ability to manuever of Transformers Generations Wheeljack as a vehicle this low and with such a front spoiler will tend to always scrape the ground given a particular incline.

Transformers Generations Wheeljack is one super long car

Also like Transformers Generations Tracks, he also has an alternative flight mode:

Yes, wrenches.
Unlike the attempts to keep Transformers Generations Kup as true to the original as possible (i.e. cylindrical arms, etc...) because they decided to re-tool Transformers Generations Wheeljack, most of items that would have brought it closer to the original - other than the paint scheme. Of greatest note is the disappearance of the rounded chest-plate which Transformers purists will hate. The bulky block chest-plate that Transformers Generations Wheeljack has actually makes the figure even more awkward as can be seen here - it actually gets in the way of what would otherwise have been fine articulation.

So much so that you actually cannot make Transformers Generations Wheeljack look good except at certain angles. More often than not, Transformers Generations Wheeljack comes across as bulky and dare-I-say... fat.
Which brings us to the closing of this review. Transformers Generations Wheeljack could have been much much better and it would have been much better if Hasbro wasn't trying to make a quick buck by re-tooling a figure and passing it off as another character by popping off his head. If you want this particular figure for the hype, go ahead, but prepare to be disappointed.

Yes you're short.
Oh and one more thing: Transformers Wheeljack is short!

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