Thursday, March 24, 2011

Toy Sightings at Lotte's TRU Toy Box in Tongyeong City, Korea!

03.24.2011 - For any Transfan wondering if Korea has Transformers toys well you'll be surprised. Dropped by Lotte Mart at the downtown part of Tongyeong City.

Its at Gyeongnam Province of South korea, where you thought this is like in the capital of Manila.

Actually the province looked like Manila, but the culture is hardly the same when it comes to looking for toys.

There's no mall here aside from the above mentioned and E-Mart located near the bus terminal.

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For anyone expecting toys will be less expensive you'll be surprised but don't be shocked about the pricing. Just to give you an idea the Korean currency is called "Won", and W1,000 Won is equivalent to $1.00 US dollars. Just do the math and you'll get the idea what I'm talking about.

For now check out what the Toys R' US Toy Box section at Lotte Mart has to offer. I'm sure you'll get tired seeing the same stuff we have in the Philippines.

The only interesting to see is the Generations Drift was packaged in robot mode. Unlike the ones being sold in other parts of Asia. Still the price is competitive, but you'll get the idea as you browse over these images...

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