Thursday, February 17, 2011

Transformers Cyberverse The Ark Spacecraft!

02.17.2011 - We've first reported toys from Dark of the Moon that's about to be released on May 16, 2011. There where lots of updates came when the recent Toy Fair 2011 in New York has announced more products slated for its released.

We also revealed what alternate mode Megatron will take and the preview of The Ark ship, that was seen in the first teaser trailer. Speaking of the Ark ship one can notice the upcoming playset won't be available until 08/01/2011 that is retailed for $29.99 US.

As you all know the Ark ship played a vital role in the Generation One cartoon back in 1984.

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The spacecraft that crashed in the side of a volcano to be called Oregon (according to the Marvel published comic book). There the damaged Transformers where stuck there for 4 million years in its dormant until an eruption activated Teletran-1. Well the rest as you all know is history when Teletran-1 and activated one of the characters.

Currently in the upcoming Dark of the Moon live action film the Ark crashed not on Earth but in the moon. The depiction of the Transformers spacecraft is colored metallic silver than the traditional gold that you see in the original animation.

Michael Bay and Rosie Huntington-Whitely (who plays Carly in the film) dropped by this recent Monday at Toy Fair to check out the toys most notably The Ark ship.

Initial reaction of the Ark playset reminds us how the format of the G.I. Joe "The Pit" Headquarters that was released in 2009. The way it folds into the Ark ship is like how the "The Pit" folds up to this mobile command base. though not as big as "The Pit" this might be the Transformers playset that everyone is waiting for in years.

This one can handle Legends Class size figures for your enjoyment and revealed to be Sentinel Prime's living tomb.

There are several playsets that came before, but this one has to be quite interesting. Though not as grand like the famed G.I. Joe HQ this one can probably the first playset that has a definite play value for kids and collectors.

For $29.99 US not bad to have your own Ark ship to store some of your Transformers from different universes. Probably in the future Hasbro might release playsets that's note worthy. For now this is one spacecraft to keep on a look out.

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