Thursday, February 10, 2011

Optimus Prime Needs Your Help! Cast Your Votes Now!

02.10.2011 - Optimus Prime wants your vote for him to win the Comicology's Final Tournament Deathmatch. This event has been running since December 2010 courtesy of Bim and Comicology. Just in luck for Optimus Prime to reach the Final showdown to end all royal rumbles in this brain crushing-metal pounding mayhem.

The campaign started its votes today and will end on February 14, 2011. Help Optimus Prime win this tournament for all TransFans out there. Of course the holder of the Matrix of Leadership won't win this fight without your votes. All bets are off that Optimus Prime faces the the human named Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory TV show.

A battle of the geeks duking it out via the votes casted by the fans, friends, and combatants who wants this event to end with a bang. Surely this will one for the history books if Optimus Prime can beat the genius of this Earth native.

Maybe this is the right time to show your Transfandom appreciation for the Autobot Leader.
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You can cast your votes straight to Comicology's page, that features the Final Deathmatch Tournament HERE!

Til' All Are One TransFans! Let's beat this Sheldon Cooper fleshling and open the power of the Matrix! Let's Rock and Roll Out!

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