Sunday, October 17, 2010

Old Bot Kup Returns in Generations/United!

10.17.2010 - It’s been years or probably a decade since you’ve last seen an action figure named Kup. The Transformers Generations toyline has got the most news, and if you heard about it since they started with Classics and Universe 2.0 updates of the original G1 characters you bet there’s more to it.

Kup originally appearing in the 1986 Transformers: The Movie was basically a tip in the iceberg...

Then his next appearance in Season 3. There has been any Kup figure out there that’s based on the character’s exact likeness and Hasbro is getting close to that.

There have been characters that are based from Kup’s ‘grumpy old bot’ attitude but there’s nothing close to the one everyone grew up seeing back in 1986. Kup for his time is the mentor to Hot Rod, and a personal key adviser in the team when the aforementioned became Rodimus Prime.

In the comic books he had less roles compared to the classic G1 series, and nostalgia is back again with Hasbro bringing a modern version of the ‘old timer’ in plastic form. So far this figure is one of the most anticipated characters that are not from 1984 but in 1986.

Well some of the characters of that year had an update namely Rodimus(Hot Rod) and Ultra Magnus (with the third party trailer/armor) to name a few. If you’re excited to get your hands on Kup might as well check out his robot mode: Believe me not Kup has not been reincarnated to any Transformers character previously. Save that they made a repaint out of Cybertron Brakedown into Kup's colors (Brakedown GTS) as the character himself is portrayed as an old timer, but not entirely the original G1 character that you knew just for the looks…

There will be another G1 related Kup that will be released but this character won't be available until sometime in 2009 as an Transformers Club Exclusive, which was released as part of the 5-piece Botcon set. Actually it’s a retool of Cybertrpon Red Alert for those who have this particular mold.

Currently Hasbro and Takara Tomy had made an update through Generations and United toy lines that would be out sometime in 2011.

This is one old timer that definitely needs modern look not repaints, retools, or reissues.

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