Friday, May 29, 2015

TF Sightings: Leader Class Ultra Magnus!

05.29.2015 – The Combiner Wars is slowly creeping its way to local retail in the Philippines and if you haven’t gone around the city chances are you’re just waiting for someone to tip you in or ask for to look for them.

In other countries this will take a while or sometimes never made it to their stores, but surely you’ll have a keen eye in spotting the new stuff if stocks are in abundance. But if it’s a popular character like Ultra Magnus expect this Autobot to be everywhere.

Reports say Ultra Magnus was released early this month but it was unnoticeable to a few who are focused to get the combiners that have been the featured characters in the current Generations toy line.

If you haven’t seen this Leader Class figure sold at PhP 2,799.75 pesos ($62.40 US) then you might check out this image below:

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