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Toys R' Us Philippine Exclusive: Optimash Prime!

11.24.2014 – Over the years Hasbro has consistently produced Transformers toys from one series to another. Expanding it further when they introduced the toys from the live action films that Michael Bay directed in 2007 has become a global phenomenon.

Then again Hasbro pushes the envelope in producing some other toy line from another of their brand.

That brand is the Mr. Potato Head series of Playskool toys for younger kids that eventually had its own license themed spuds based in other movie or anime property.

Mr. Potato Head has been an iconic product since Hasbro first introduced it in 1952, which was created by George Lerner in 1949.

From Potato to Spud Star

Little history is not known entirely about a plastic model that has decorated parts where you can attach to a main body.

Originally when it first came out the plastic parts where sold separately with pushpins that’s used for an actual potato or vegetable. Then changes happened over the years since real potatoes and vegetables started rotting and it’s unhealthy for kids to keep them and then government safety regulations was implemented. So in 1964 Hasbro started producing plastic body potato that’s included in the toy set.

The popularity of the Mr. Potato Head’s resurgence began in the late 1990s when the first Toy Story from Disney Pixar came and interest for the spud soared.

Optimash Prime: From Collectible to Celebfry

The Transformers themed Mr. Potato Head first see it’s released in 2007 during the promotion of the first live action film. This version is based on the Generation One Optimus Prime that includes eleven parts which includes a tractor head and potato body.

There was little interest on the Transformers themed Mr. Potato Head dubbed “Optimash Prime” in the Philippines until one fan started using the character to pose with local FHM magazine cover girls sometime in 2008.

From then the once collectible toy became a celebrity on its own. It was originally just an idea that the covers girls featured in the FHM magazine would remember the fan who asked them to get their autograph. Eventually the idea of having Optimash Prime pose with the cover girls has moved on to have photos with celebrities, personalities, musicians and artists. This is to the point that those photos where collected and posted at Optimash Prime’s very own Facebook Page.

Tater Revivals

The official Optimash Prime produced by Hasbro comes with a standard pair of eyes, but the one being used by the fan to pose with celebrities are modified using a pair of receptors from the Mr. Potato Head “Silly Suitcase” set.

Then the product soon disappeared after the fan that once uses “Optimash Prime” to pose with the local personalities. This probably has produced a small cult following leading to the rarity of the Optimash Prime toy in local retail.

Old Potato VS Slim Potato

Recently this particular character is slowly making its availability to the market once again as a Toys R’ Us Philippines Exclusive. For those who are not aware of the recent Mr. Potato Head releases the new plastic body is now slimmer and some previous MPH themed character’s parts are no longer compatible.

Optimash Prime might be the last MPH to have the “fat” potato body available locally and his parts are not compatible with the slim version that was released with the copyright stamp year of 2010. So its rare now that Hasbro would ever produce the “fat” potato body version unless they reproduce an Optimsh Prime using the slim body.

More Than Meets The Fry

Overall if you’re the content with the recent Mixable Mashable Heroes featuring interchangeable parts with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee or Grimlock but want something to sit at your desk of staring in your glass display Optimash Prime would probably be that Mr. Potato Head that would define your inner Transformers Fan.

It might be long before everyone catches up to the well-adored Optimash Prime that’s become popular in the Philippine fan community. If you want one to take home maybe this is your rare chance.

Optimash Prime retails in the Philippines for PhP 799.75 pesos and was originally released in 2007 going for PhP 649.75 pesos.

There are no difference with the 2007 release and the current one, but this re-release is a Toys R’ Us Exclusive and will not be available in other stores. To get more inquiry about the TRU Exclusive “Optimash Prime” toy, and its availability just follow and LIKE Toys R’ Us Philippines on Facebook.

“Optimash Prime” the local Potato Head celebrity in the Philippines can be seen through his photos with personalities, celebrities, artists and politicians just LIKE the official Mister Optimash on Facebook.

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