Monday, November 10, 2014

TF Sightings: Deluxe Class & Exclusives!

11.10.2014 – Lately there’s not much new releases that’s been on the shelf, but if you haven’t been going around looking for those figures that’s been missing in your collection chances are they might be in one place.

Probably you haven’t been around to Toy Kingdom’s flagship store to take a look. There might be plenty of stuff to go around; since THIS IS the biggest branch they have located in the basement of SM Megamall.

There is interesting stuff you might have missed on your last visit, but it sure great to take a second look at it before you go to the next store. So far the big items that have been ignore lately is the “Year of the Horse” Starscream, which is a retool/repaint of Transformers Cybertron Starscream. Yes, the giant version which now has a Generation One color scheme.

The other is the Ultra Magnus “Platinum Edition” from Transformers Prime. This Leader Class version using Optimus Prime’s body, which has a newly sculpted Ultra Magnus head, has been sitting in the shelf for a while now.

If you’re a hardcore Ultra Magnus fan then you must take this one home to build your ever growing fandom for this popular character. Then there is still some Generations Deluxe Class assortment that you might be missing and there are some of these figures that might not be available in other stores so look at the images below:

Toy Kingdom is the Philippines biggest toy store and the flagship store is located at the basement level of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City. For more inquiries and promos LIKE Toy Kingdom (Official) on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @ToyKingdomPH

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