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Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber March 2015 Release!

10.06.2014 – Transformers G1 cartoon lasted until 1987 with Headmasters, and the rest of the toyline for Micromasters did not receive any animation.

But Marvel who originally published the comic books until 1991 with an open ended that was revived in 2012.

Of course IDW Publishing made it possible to wrap up the comic book earlier this year.

The cartoon ended without any new Transformers but in Japan it kept chugging with Masterforce (Japanese Powermasters) and Victory that introduced Star Saber!

For those who haven’t heard about the legendary swordsman who took the mantle of Autobor Supreme Commander back then this character was unheard of. The action figure released by Takara was considered “Holy Grail” to any Transformers fan who only knew about it during the early days of internet.

In Asia Star World a cable channel started airing the Japanese Headmasters, Masterforce, and Victory in the morning of 1996-1997 badly dubbed by locals that sounded like from a kung-fu movie. But no matter how it was mis-translated or sounded like Bruce Lee or Jacky Chan dubbed in English was the Japanese series it was talked about.

Transformers Victory was unfamiliar to the Western continent and the same goes to fans outside Japan. Unlike Masterforce which is the only series that featured the Pretenders and Powermasters in a different light.

Star Saber is not your average “Optimus Prime” but his characterization was legendary on its own to be popular with hardcore fans who wanted more G1. The figure released in 1989 was rarely sold outside Japan that it became a hard to find. There was sort of revival in 2004 when Takara released the Robot Masters line that produced new molds of Optimus Prime (Convoy), Optimus Primal (Beast Convoy), LioConvoy, and Star Saber with Victory Leo, which they combine to “Power Up” mode known as Victory Saber.

The Star Saber in 2004 is not that big almost considered as a Scout Class price point in the US market. It had more articulation to the bigger G1 figure, but still not as detailed like the vintage edition.

For month’s rumors and prototype teasers have crept to Transformers related news sites and forums that it will have a Masterpiece treatment. Hisashi Yuki mostly did the teasing in his Twitter account, which he is tasked to design the Autobot Supreme Commander. The progress of the design took months where it appeared in road shows across Japan, that fans got their first look of the final product images.

It’s now designated as Masterpiece 24 following a retooled Wheeljack as a new character in Exhaust. The new Star Saber is closely looking like more cartoon accurate than its vintage version as Takara Tomy announced also the release date set for a March 15, 2015 release priced in Japan at 18,000 Yen (plus 8% tax, for a total of 19,440).

Expect Takara Tomy to follow up with a Victory Leo in the future that would eventually combines with Star Saber as Victory Saber. For now five months is a long wait good enough for an early pre-order with local specialty stores in the Philippines.

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