Sunday, September 28, 2014

Toy Stages Offers 15 TF Themed Backdrops!

09.28.2014 – For those who doesn’t only put their action figures on display, and who are into photography would be interested to know there’s a company that makes backgrounds for them.

These are based from the classic cartoons like He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and G.I. Joe., and Transformers... is that company which just launched its site and presented a number of backgrounds from various 1980s toys. This could also be a good backdrop for those wide glass displays that’s missing color or a little bit of attraction.

There are fifteen backdrops that has produced that fellow Transformers Fans would be delighted to use either background for their display or something Toy Photographers could use to share among their friends in the social media. But mostly this could be an interesting background for those who are into toy photography if you’re an individual who rarely take your action figure outdoors. reveals fifteen backdrops that are taken from some scenes in the original Transformers cartoon. They are some scenes inside the Autobot’s Ark ship, Decepticon’s Nemesis ship underwater, a scene in the desert where the Constructicons combined to Devastator for the first time, space bridge scene, and Cybertron scenes that Shockwave maybe lurking around.

There are also additional scenes to round up all fifteen backdrops. These are the grid background art that you see in the packaging of the G1 toys and also that iconic art behind the first wave of Transformer toys in a space battle.

These listed images below are:

Herobot Computer
Herobot Wall
Herobot Entrance
Herobot Front
Evilbot Command
Evilbot Window
Evilbot Bridge
Water Tower

Eighties Red
Eighties Purple
Space Battle

Each background has sizes for small, medium and big to scale with your Transformers toys, which also depends on price points. They also have variations of the backdrops that would work on your toy shelves and glass displays, which depends on the set up that you want Toy Stage might provide it.

Stages for TF Toys are produced by for more details and inquiries you can join the Facebook Group HERE. Visit the official site at:

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