Monday, September 1, 2014

Toy Expo Philippines 2014: TOBOT -- Korean TransFormers!

09.01.2014 – If you missed the event about Toy Kingdom’s Toy Expo you haven’t missed much. But the only difference in 2014 is that there’s not much product launch, which has something to do with Transformers.

But there is one related to robots turning into vehicles and other things that’s popular no in Japan but in Korea. The series is called “TOBOT.”

The series is a 3D animated show and the toys are manufactured by Young Toys that’s now popular with the kids.

Han-Chan Lee, CEO of Young Toys said the idea for TOBOT animation and toys was being developed almost ten years ago, which would inspire young boys and girls. The name behind “TOBOT” would “sounded cute and was easy to pronounce” he added.

The concept of TOBOT takes inspiration from Power Rangers and Transformers clearly targeting a niche market for younger primary school children and kindergarteners. They focused on marketing the brand to older elementary school children as their target market. Young Toys was a pioneered a new marketing strategy in producing their own animated series that they developed before they made the toys.

Young Toys plans to go global in promoting the series. They first target to release the animated series in South East Asia which they already started airing Singapore, Taiwan (both countries last August), Vietnam (September), and the Philippines (October). They will also expand to Middle Eastern countries in January 2015.

During Toy Kingdom’s Toy Expo 2014 they had a booth featuring all the characters as wells as gadgets related to the series. You won’t miss the a giant cut out of the robot at the far end hall of the SMX Convention Center.

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