Thursday, September 25, 2014

Angry Birds TransFormers Game Play & Characters!

09.25.2014 – The collaboration between Hasbro and Rovio the developers of the popular mobile game app in Angry Birds first teased the partnership during the Comic-Con International or widely known as San Deigo Comic Convention (SDCC) last July.

The teaser featured what is revealed now as the AUTOBIRD’s (a portmanteau of Autobots and Birds) famous leader Red as Optimus Prime battling the DECEPTICHOGS with interactions of other well-known characters from the world of Angry Birds…

This time they have shared a trailer featuring the actual game play. It’s interesting that they revealed also previous videos introducing three individual videos featuring the characters of Angry Birds as well known Transformers characters. As previously mentions Red is Optimus Prime, Chuck as Bumblebee and Foreman Pig as Lockdown.

The teaser trailer features Red as Optimus Prime arriving on a strange planet rolling out of Astrotrain running then changing to his vehicle mode. It also reveals Grimlock changing into a vehicle from his dinobot mode. There are other characters in the trailer that also have Soundwave, Bludgeon, Megatron and many more. You can check out more about the latest trailer of the game below:

While those curious to know the characters that will be appearing in the game watch the three videos below:

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