Sunday, August 3, 2014

Transformers | Lost Age 2 Minute Special!

08.03.2014 – Paramount Japan has released a special two-minute special promoting the showing of Transformers Age of Extinction in Japan aka “Lost” Age that also features the three previous films directed by Michael Bay and also behind-the-scenes footage.

The clip features the stories transpired in the Transfromers films, which featured previous characters as wells as never before seen footage during the production.

It also describe the upcoming film and its already reported by Variety that the film has already crossed the $1 Billion gross in cinemas globally.

In Japan ‘Age of Extinction’ is known as “Lost Age” and there is no difference from the films showing outside in Japan. They just changed the film’s title and this features talks about the new cast as wells as new Autobots joining Optimus Prime, which also includes the humans. This also shows the red carpet premiere in Hong Kong the full description of the video was translated below:

Three years has been past and the Transformers have been considred the enemy of the human race. Dinosaurs have been extint for 65 million years but there are Transformers known as the "Dinobots" in modern times. It has been almost 4 years since the last battle with the Decepticons, but the humans fear that they hunted down the last remaning Autobots which includes Optimus Prime. In this new story introduces Cade (Mark Wahlberg) an inventor who lives with his only daughter Tessa (Nicole Peltz), by chance he purchased a broken down semi-truck which was actually Optimus Prime who is being tracked down by a secret agency known as KSI being supported by the government. At the same time a new Decepticon known as Lockdown arrvies on Earth with a giant spaceship. Eventually it would be revealed beign connected to KSI who had captured Optimus Prime. The remaining Autobots rescues them with the help of Shane (Jack Raynor) who is revealed to be Tessa's boyfriend. While the Earth hangs in the balance with new Decepticons created by KSI can the Autobots and humans save Earth?

Transformers: Lost Age opens in Japan on August 8, 2014 in 2D|3D from Paramount Pictures. For more about the film LIKE TF Movie JP on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @TF_Autobot

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