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TF Spotlight: Orion Pax in "Omega's Conundrum!"

06.30.2014 – For long time Transformers fans everyone know who was Optimus Prime in a previous life, which was first seen in season 2 of the classic series. It also featured the story of the Aerialbots travelling back in time during the Golden Age of planet Cybertron.

There’s not much spotlight on Pre-Prime persona of Orion Pax that was only seen in the TF G1 series. IDW Publishing the current publisher for Transformers comic books had expanded that story through the ‘Transformers Spotlight’ series when they released a one-shot story in 2012.

This one-shot feature about Orion Pax was included in the Deluxe Class release of the same action figure along with Bumblebee, Trailcutter (formerly known as Trailbreaker), and Megatron (Stealth Jet ) celebrating the ‘Thrilling 30’ years of the Transformers Brand with a new cover.

It never was explained what really happened to Orion Pax when this was mentioned in this issue that he’s trying to get accustomed to his new body refit. This story takes place before the events of ‘Transformers: Autocracy’ (check your local comic shop for that graphic novel).

For those who have not picked up a Transformers comic book this has no connection to the cartoons as what exist in comics is very different in the TV series.

In this ‘Transformers Spotlight’ you’ll find out that Orion Pax is not comfortable with the new upgrade of his body and unhappy that he wants his lucky faceplate back. But Wheeljack, Kaput, and Rung who oversee the medical, mechanical and psychological aspects of Orion Pax suggests to forget about looking for it to just move forward with his new form. He was eager to get back to the mission Zeta Prime has assigned for him, which is to escort a Decepticon prisoner in exchange for the captured Ratchet. Of course he won’t be alone to take the rendezvous mission he was accompanied by Nightbeat(Headmaster and Autobot negotiator) and the venerable Alpha Trion (Not the character you saw in the old cartoon but he’s one and the same).

During their trip to Rust Spot (remote place in planet Cybertron), where to meet the Decepticons that have the Autbot’s Chief Medical Officer. They were a surprised attacked by the Slicers, but as the courageous Pax charged into action and they soon have the creatures in retreat (it cost Orion Pax an injury to the face and blames the lack of protective faceplate he once have).The trailer carrying the Decepticon hostage they plan for exchange for Ratchet revealed to be a pair of spark-bonded twins Rack n’ Ruin (They are character originally from the Marvel UK series) who where harmless looking grunts.

To make less complicated the real reason, which the Decepticons seek for Ratchet’s exchanges was actually Alpha Trion who has dimension-transcending abilities to create a space bridge. Because Alpha Trion had once teamed up with Metroplex in one mission that the Decepticons are also looking for.

Orion Pax is not going to let that happen when he fought Bludgeon, Thundecracker, and the rest of the Decepticons. He wasn’t successful or even failed his mission, but long enough to see why the Matrix of Leadership has chosen him to be the next Prime. In the final act of the story he got away from being tied into a shuttle that was aimed at one of the capital cities in planet Cybertron.

Battered but still intact Orion Pax was able to escape and saved the shuttle from crashing in nearby city. Among the wreckage he dug up that’s one thing missing from him a piece of metal in the debris, which he silently fixes it over his face in emulation of his old faceplate.

It might come strange for anyone who has only casually saw the cartoons or bought the toys, but never have an idea who was Orion Pax in the comic book medium. For those who have followed the exploits of the character this was an interesting story that expands the personality of Optimus Prime. It also mirrors the youth of Hot Rod who was reckless until he wind up opening the Matrix of Leadership that was originally intended for Ultra Magnus.

But in the comic book lore the stories are entirely different and the Transformers Generation stories are expanded unlike in the classic cartoons, which had limited time to share each character’s spotlight. Unlike when it was told in comic books and graphic novels you get an idea that these Transformers are not just mere toys they are individual characters that have their own story to tell.

For excited fans who wants to get to know the character beyond the action figure this is one of the stories, that built the legend of Optimus Prime.

Its certainly something of an open invitation to anyone interested to picking up a comic book.

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