Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Li Bingbing & Transformers on Popular Movies!

07.02.2014 – Despite heavy review by the critics Transformers Age of Extinction is set to earn more than $100 Million dollars. Mark Wahlberg leads an international cast and for every Michael Bay film there’s an eye candy with the likes of Megan Fox, Rose Huntington-Whitely and now Nicole Peltz.

But you might have overlooked that there are also secondary actors who makes an impact in the film in their own ‘little way’ that it might not be worth remembering. But certainly have at least made the film look less unappealing than what everyone have seen only the surface.

In the genre of action films there’s a damsel in distress as above mentioned, but there are also female actors who is the opposite with a lot less distraction that made other guys turn some heads. Li Bingbing for that matter has made that kind of impression and no don’t confuse her for Fan Bingbing who made a splash in the X-Men Days of Future Past and no they are also not related.

Her screen exposure is unlike Nicole Peltz more like watching a music video than watching an action film that has robots and tons of explosions. Li Bingbing is Su Yueming an owner of the Chinese factory used by KSI to build their artificial Transformer. You only see her as one of those Asian characters interacting with Stanly Tucci’s Joshua Joyce, but it’s a surprise once the film shifted to the final act.

For Li Bingbing she delivers subtle role that quite a surprise towards the climax of the film that may not have helped the critics give Age of Extinction a better rating, but would remember her in this small role that she delivered quite as intense like the magazine cover where she’s featured in.

A Chinese magazine Popular Movies features Li Bingbing on the cover for this month and it appears to be like the Philippines’ version of FHM only with more clothes. The magazine features images of Li Bingbing playing around with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime and also an appearance of Titan Class Metroplex, which looks like its being dismantled, check the images below:

Transformers Age of Extinction is already showing in the Philippines and some parts of the world from Universal International Pictures locally distributed by Columbia Pictures PH!

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