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FCBD 2014: G.I. Joe VS Transformers #0!

05.18.2014 – G.I. Joe and Transformers both brands owned by Hasbro which still continues to be relevant in the current generation. Both brands have success and failures still continues to be re-introduced in all aspect of the medium.

Both have popular animations and live action movies, but never were known to have a successful crossover that defined them.

In Hasbro’s world both exist in the same universe or alternate worlds written in comic books but never in other form of media.

There have been fan-made animations but never in the official shows. But back in the day Sunbow Productions, which produced both classic animations have Easter eggs put in the third season of Transformers that G.I. Joe does have connections. In the comic books it’s obvious they did have a crossover which was published by Marvel some years ago.

This cemented further idea that they exist in one universe that continued when Dreamwave and Devils Due publications have owned the rights to produce their versions of these crossovers. Though not having them connected in their main timelines these stories continue to suit the long time fans curiosity.

IDW Publications now have both rights to the franchise to produce the comic books, and they have finally set to tell their own stories in this upcoming series. Yes you heard it this is a regular series not the usual mini-series, which is set in their universe with no connection to their individual regular monthly series. This regular series was revealed when IDW announced about the new series in November 2013, and revealed previously that a zero issue will be given away in the recently concluded Free Comic Book Day.

Synopsis & Introductions

Two of the '80s most popular franchises collide this May in IDW Publishing's "Transformers vs. G.I. Joe" #0 when Cybertronians descend during a conflict between G.I. Joe and COBRA. The ongoing series, which debuts as one of IDW's Free Comic Book Day 2014 offerings, features art by "Gødland" co-creator Tom Scioli, who is also co-writing the book with "Robots in Disguise" scribe John Barber.

Different Origins

When FCBD 2014 came they gave away copies of G.I. Joe VS Transformers #0 which reveals the origin of some key characters in the upcoming series. In this issue Snake-Eyes was talking? For those long time fans knew the silent commando and former student of the Arashikage clan never spoke or utter a word except when she called Scarlett’s name in the original comic books.

In this world Snake-Eyes was a bit of a hot shot commando barking orders, and Duke was a new member of G.I. Joe trying to flirt with Scarlett (in the original cartoon they where set as love interest the way Lady Jaye is with Flint). But in the comic book realm Scarlett was actually Snake-Eyes love interest and it was introduced in this preview issue (Lady Jaye & Flint still end up with each other in the comic books).

Bumblebee had a different origin here the same way Starscream was introduced and it’s a fresh take how these characters would interact when the first issue gets released.

Different World

What to see in this comic book doesn’t follow what the regular titles that’s being published each month by IDW Publishing:

Snake-Eyes in this series is a different character from the regular monthly series that includes the animation and movies.

Bumblebee has his own personal “Ark” which resembles the one from the classic animated series which fits one pilot.

Starscream appears to be a bounty hunter rather a scientist in the classic cartoon, and more like applying to be part of the Decepticons.

Duke ranked First Sergeant is a rookie who flirts with Scarlett who happens to be Snake-Eyes main squeeze which is a not from the cartoon and original comic books.

The Verdict

Overall it’s a marriage of two franchises into one interesting series that takes a level of challenge how to tell their story from a fresh perspective to those long time fans at the same time getting new readers to be interested again.

There have been several iterations of G.I. Joe VS Transformers in the comic books dating back to the Marvel, Dreamwave and Devils Due publications. Each of those stories has their on take how both franchises how they interacted and collided with each other.

IDW Publishing is pulling out the entire stops o bringing a regular series that both of them existed. It will definitely be a challenge for Tom Scioli and John Barber to bring this series on a monthly basis. John Baber’s art would set the tone for this series that will compliment the narrative that Tom Scioli will bring to their newest endeavor.

The concept how their origins intertwined with each other may be short in the zero issue. This is due to its fast paced take as each page jumps to the next build up. This is how John Barber takes his artwork to great heights and first issue is nearing its release.

G.I. Joe VS Transformers #0 published by IDW was an exclusive release as a giveaway for Free Comic Book Day 2014. First issue comes out early next month.

This earns a B+ or 8 out 10 rating for such a superb comic book for everyone.

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