Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Transformers Regeneration One #91!

05.28.2013 – Transformers Renerations #91 begins with the after effects on what happened during “Natural Selections” and if you missed this arc it’s now available in a complete graphic novel.

Here things are not looking good for planet Cybertron post traumatic shock at what went down after Grimlock battled Scorponok.The population is not too happy being under influence when all your moral compass has been switch off and things are not as the way it was.

The Autobots try to pacify what has happened after the end of the previous issue. While Optimus Prime is stuck on Earth who couldn’t make it to catch the Ark feels that terror is coming to his home planet in the form of Galvatron who he “sensed” that he’s Megatron reborn!

There are conflicts in the previous issue that this one has more “set up” for the next big thing as the players gets introduced one by one out from the dark shadows. Simon Furman leaves us a trail of breadcrumbs in leading us on a collision course with “Destiny” and from the start of the first issue there was already a “set up” for these arcs to happen that’s building up the anticipation from the smaller ones to that main arc that would unravel in these characters how they interact.

Speaking of interaction Andrew Wildman does art beautifully in a different perspective with emotional grandeur of expression how each of the robots try to go about their day after the events in “Natural Selections” and even without action it gives a powerful detail how things are happening in Cybertron.

There’s so much to peel off in this issue that unravels every page and one of them is how Hot Rod taking this leadership that Optimus Prime try to convince Ultra Magnus to support his efforts.

The famed Autobot cavalier was mostly absent in the previous issues during Scorponok’s rampage over the planet using the personality altering Gene Key as its weapon. Hot Rod believes the only way to get back on track is talking about the expedition he found out deep within the planet. The creatures he encountered and the artifacts he found would be best needed attention. On the other side of the spectrum Galvatron is on his way planning and plotting to take over Cybertron without his own troops to command.

Galvatron only has Starscream and half-conscious Shockwave with the Ark as his disposal. This could be an interesting for a Decepticon who came from an alternate timeline. Bludgeon and Soundwave’s alliance is another player to the equation that are heading to begin more conflict.

But wait! There’s more! Indeed the mysterious dark figure lurks behind the scenes gets reintroduced in Jhiaxus! The character known to be the main villain in Generation 2 makes his appearance another faction ready to take Cybertron by his own hands.

And so “Destiny” begins where things are starting to heat up. This won’t be an easy way out for the Autobots as the players are introduced ready to take over the planet.

Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman cooked up a shocker that builds up for the next issue… Destiny is the beginning and possibly the end for our beloved Transformers!

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