Friday, August 24, 2012

TRU Philippines Announced Exclusive MP Optimus Prime!

08.24.2012 – Months ago there was an announcement that the Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy will reach the North American market and would also be available in selected regions in Europe and Asia. Yesterday the Toys R’ Us Philippines Facebook Fan Page has revealed that they will carry the US released edition of the MP-10 that everyone has been anticipating.

The revelation comes with another sudden announcement that it will be “Limited Edition” and this will be only available at the Trinoma Mall branch of TRU. Now everyone in the robot collecting forums or group has been discussing what if this is only priced to this amount?

So far TRU has not replied to answer such queries now that the big boss bot has been let out of the bag. There are additional details on how to acquire this much anticipated figure with a lower price point compared to the sky rocketing value of the Japanese Edition that you see in third party stores.

If you have not caught the second wind of this news then check out the details for you to acquire this sought after figure…

Yes, It’s one-per customer only as all of you know hoarding and flipping has been happening as of late for some collectors out there is making this as their cash cow. Better be up bright and early and line-up to acquire the Autobot Commander or you’ll miss out!

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  1. got mine reserved. it was a regular release in HK, i don't understand why this one is limited to only one branch