Sunday, February 12, 2012

NY Toy Fair 2012: Generations, The Fall of Cybertron!

02.12.2012 – There’s a great deal of good stuff happening this year and some of you might have been aware about it. The New York 2012 Toy Fair has been churning up news about the upcoming toys and merchandise for the Transformers brand.

There are a lot of updates to get yourself connected about the upcoming videogame in The Fall of Cybertron and the press release images was in abundance that we pick the best ones more closely related to the Generation One Universe.

The first news we had so far is the continuity of the toyline Generations. This series won’t be renamed unlike Classics, Universe and Reveal The Shield.

There’s a lot of accolades building up to the release of the toys namely one bad ass Bruticus.

There where news circulating related to the military combiner that Game Informer released some magazine scans of this nearly a week ago.

This time around we get to see the full press coverage which includes the other characters that will be coming out in the first wave. There were images of all five combining components of Bruticus as well as images of TFoC Jazz and Shockwave. Bruticus is not the same scale as the previous Universe release based from the Energon series.

We’re pretty sure Hasbro learned something from third party toy manufacturers and they are bringing the Combaticons in Deluxe Class assortment.

Hopefully Onslaught is in Voyager Class scale as this would not be the best for him to be this big, but then again the deluxe size has some of us convinced. There are also new images of Optimus Prime in his new appearance based in the videogame.

Generations will continue to roll out modern versions of the Generation One characters. There was even greater news for 2013 where Hasbro plans to release 40 characters and this would prelude its 30th Anniversary year in 2014.

It seems Transformers is not done yet post-Dark of the Moon as TF Prime’s second season rolls there will be more merchandise about this series.

Of course that would be another story to tell and keep an eye on our updates as it develops!

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  1. I'm more interested in the Transformers Prime toyline that recently came out. Any idea when it will be released in the Philippines? :/