Sunday, November 6, 2011

Arcee, Elita 1 and Chromia Combined - Tripartite Cybertronians

Presenting Arcee and her sisters Elita 1 and Chromia, Transformers the Movie's Tripartite Cybertronians and one of their POSSIBLE combinations.

I'd like to take this moment to point out the following:

  • The Transformers movies changed the general cartoon history of Arcee and her sisters. In a nutshell, Elita 1 and Chromia are dead. But a Decepticon experiment to create Tripartite Cybertronians brought the two back to life as nothing more than extensions of Arcee. They were supposed to combine in the second movie but the producers passed on the idea and in fact hinted that all three died by the end of the second movie. However the individual figures' blister cards still list all three with distinct personalities.
  • Tripartite Cybertronians are three transformers who can operate as individuals but only share one personality - like the Decepticon Reflector. 
  • Hasbro has never acknowledged the correct transformation sequence for the three sisters
Frankly it does look like a crappy car-wreck, but it does work.

Here's where it begins with the three ladies. The combination is the product of a nice gentleman named MISFITROBOT - who immediately admits that this is not the official version of the combination, but I have to say of the many combinations on YouTube, sans taking the three apart (Which is what I feel one of those who claimed to have the right solution but didn't show how they did it, did), this is the best version.  MISFITROBOT also claims that Hasbro actually referred to his video during a panel discussion at Botcon.

The goal is to take Arcee, Elita 1 and Chromia, and...

... make the three look like this:
Photo courtesy of transformers wikia

If you have any of the three ladies - in any of their permutations - then you know that all three come with a male/female box like link on their back - neatly tucked in the lower back in the case of Chromia and Elita 1. The trick now is how do you get all three to combine?

The solution is not pretty and actually getting all three to fit at the same time despite having parts that like to pop off is a test in patience, stubbornness and general "GET THE F#@% IN THERE!!!!"

Seriously if you get them in there, you may as well consider never letting them out again and leaving her looking like this.

The final result is not pretty. Definitely not pretty, but I agree with MISFITROBOT that it does come quite close to the concept artwork that Hasbro released. So like him, I say, if you like it, great. If you don't. That's just fine as well. 

If you want to try this for yourself, here's MISFITROBOT's video:

For the full gallery and review, click HERE

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