Friday, October 21, 2011

All Hail MP-11 Starscream!

10.21.2011 – Who would love to hate Starscream? The entire Decepticon legion hates his guts. Even Megatron would like to give him some serious fusion cannon indigestion. When he got reformatted he even disintegrated him (See Transformers: The Movie, 1986).

So what’s to love about Starscream? He’s got more toys and merchandise than all the three coneheads combined and he was voiced by the same person who breathes life to Cobra Commander (Chris Latta remembered). With all said about being trivial on who Starscream is get ready for another stunner.

Null rays may be his primary weapon in the original animation and definitely Takara Tomy added another figure for you to take home in your shrine of Starscreams. For a price of 11500 YEN you get this new improved Masterpiece Edition.

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TakaraTomy knows how to really get into your deep pockets with this one. Starscream is a thing of beauty now scaled down to match with the recently released Convoy. This time around he’s more regal than you thought a minute of his grandeur coronation was such a bad comedy.

For a price worth every chuckle you get a crown, cape and shoulder pads. Not to forget that he has a “holographic” pilot just in case he has to sneak in to Earthly territorial base and steal some military hardware to build his own army (queue the creation of the Combaticons).

We sure think the year 2012 will be around the corner as this Decepticon won’t be available until March.

Plenty more time to save up unless there’s something you are aching to grab in between now until February. Definitely you’ll get a sweet deal or Swindle may put a high price on his bounty.

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