Sunday, August 28, 2011

Transformers Collectors Club Timelines: Dion & Cop-Tur!

08.28.2011 - The 2010 Transformers Collectors Club Exclusive is none other than Dion with “Micromaster” partner Cop-Tur. For anyone who is not familiar with Dion he is the best friend of Orion Pax.

Your guess is that familiar name which synonymous with Optimus Prime’s former identity after he was damaged in the original Generation 1 cartoon from the 1980s.

Dion was announced in late 2009 as the exclusive free toy as part of applying or renewing for the club membership on or before March 16, 2010.

For those who availed the membership after the said date will have to purchase this for $20.00 US dollars, and the free toy instead will be for the 2011 release.

The figure is a retooled/repaint version of TF Universe Hot Shot that came with his “Mini-con” partner Jolt, which was also modified when it was released under the TF Henkei toyline by Takara Tomy.

This version of Dion comes also with two mufflers that double as his blasters. This was also released with the Henkei version of Hot Shot. The alternate mode has some resemblance to modified Audi TT sports coupe similar to the original Hot Shot that came out in the Armada/Micron Legends toy line.

Though this version is an entirely new mold released in the TFU/Henkei toyline. There’s not much difference from Dion but had a better paint job.

The “Micromaster” partner Cop-Tur had no changes aside from being named after the Renegade bad guy from Challenge of the Gobots. In robot mode Cop-Tur just like Jolt is back heavy and it was the ugliest Micromaster/Minicon figure ever made.

They could have made a similar mold of the original Jolt from the Armada/Micron Legends but way better. Unfortunately it turns out to be not the prettiest mini-con.

A side by side comparison of Dion and Hot Shot in vehicle mode clearly shows the difference not only in colors, but also in in the retooling. There was a “cut away” in the rear of the car for the removable mufflers to fit in. Though Hot Shot has the “JAAM” plate Dion does not.

The details are obvious since you’re paying for premium membership Fun Publications, and Hasbro had tried their best to put quality in this exclusive figure.


The Autobot symbol on both sides defines Dion’s colors in vehicle mode. You won’t notice the faction symbols, which work quite well. In robot mode there are no differences since this is a repaint. The Elite Guard badge can be seen in Dion’s left shoulder. The mufflers comes off the back once transformed in robot mode, and now turn into his handheld blasters.

This is a good figure when you look at it but not entirely perfect since it has flaws. For something exclusive they have put an amount of quality to making this worth for joining the Transformers Collector’s Club. But if you can’t afford the $90.00 US dollar membership, the TFU Hot Shot is the better option to pick up. Currently the TF Universe toy line has been replaced by Generations, and the only place you can get one right now is through specialty shops or eBay.

Overall for anyone starting up a collection this is not an advisable figure to acquire, but for the high end collector this one is money’s worth. Especially for those who completes not just the characters, but the toy mold as well.

Dion is not Ultra Magnus in this universe as what everyone thought, but it’s nostalgia to know there’s one more character who deserve having his origin being told for the new fans out there.

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