Friday, August 5, 2011

Sighted: Masterpiece Rodimus Prime!

08.05.2011 - Transformers Masterpiece Rodimus Prime has been spotted at a Toys R’ Us outlet in Makati City. This was announced a few weeks back that it will be released as a TRU exclusive similar to what they did with the Masterpiece Grimlock.

The US edition of the Masterpiece has been accessible to Filipino TransFans since its first one that celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Transformers back in 2004. Though not consistent with its direct import release for the Philippine market we got a fair share of Masterpiece releases from Hasbro.

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This time around we got Rodimus aka “Hot Rod” from the 1986 Transformers Animated Movie. To celebrate its 20th Anniversary pf the movie Hasbro commemorate this release. This a far out cry from the Takara Tomy release that included his “Winnebago” trailer.

This version of Rodimus comes with his Nebulon partner that transforms into his “Target Master” pistol, which is not included in the Japanese release...

Finally you can acquire the famed prodigy of Optimus Prime through local retail as a store exclusive for toy R’ Us that also includes the Matrix Leadership, Photo Rifle, and other accessories which is listed at the side of the packaging.

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime retails for PhP 3,999.75 pesos and its exclusively available only to Toys R' Us outlets.

So what do you think of the TRU Exclusive release from Hasbro? Any violent reactions that we want to know? For further updates, reviews, and toy sightings LIKE our Official Facebook Fan Page!

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