Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Transformers Generation 1 Merchandise at SM Character Shops!

07.06.2011 - there's more than meets the eye with these Transformers merchandise now that Dark of the Moon is currently being shown at your nearest cinemas.

The toys and promotions for the film is in abundance, and most of the stuff you see now are based from the movie universe.

Though for those who are in need of their old school Generation fix, the stuff you'll like to pass to your kids, nephews or younger relatives have merchandise too.
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Generation One won't be replaced my the grittier Movie versions of now and fear not. New Generation One merchandise like lunch box and school bags are available at the SM Character Shop.

Look for those thermos with the Autobots and Decepticons in them, and it would feel like 1984 all over again. This time the products have their modern artwork done by the artist who brought them to life at IDW Publishing the current Transformers comic book publisher.

So if you happen to be interested to collect these merchandise not only the toys, comics, books or comics. Try dropping by SM Character Shop, which is located at all SM Department Stores across the Philippines.

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