Sunday, June 19, 2011

Toy Con 2011: Transformers Toy Customization!

06.19.2011 - If some are not paying attention to the panel discussion that happpend during the weekend of Toy Con 2011.

It must be that your drowning yourself in the slashed down prices of toys sold at the dealer area or having a photo opportunity with the next cosplayer with the gigantic weapon.

For some who would have experience a balanced happenings in a convention one should try checking the panel discussion, that featured passionate people in the industry.
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To anyone who are not satisfied with the appearance of their Transformers toys and would like to add detailed modification. We suggested you attended one panel discussion which was hosted by Collectibles Unlimited and Toy Con co-organizer Cholo Manlillin.

He also threw some Transformers trivia questions for the audience while our resident speaker and customizer explains the steps in dismantling your Transformers toy.

It looked grotesque and babarbaric pulling out all the parts, since he's making the custom non-transformable. Because it takes time to do this process if you want the toy to be still accurate when its still being transformed.

Usually in dismantling and painting every part, that you want detailed takes 6 to 8 hours. Its crazy and stressful but that's how the speaker indicated regarding how you customize your Transformer.

Overall it was an interesting topic as one of the panel discussions. For those who are definitely wanting to know more check out some of the shops who offers customization in Greenhills. If you want to Do it Yourself try researching online. It might be your talent to do these things, but we personally suggest you seek those experts.

Because you'll never know that you might damage already the one you spent a lot of money. Just to make it a perfect Transformers due to attempts in customization is not that all pretty.

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